NewBees is committed to an inclusive Netherlands. We organize inclusive integration programs for municipalities, we guide newcomers at local businesses and organisations, and we advise and guide companies on Diversity and Inclusion at the workplace.

Inclusion Integration

For municipalities

NewBees offers dual integration and participation programs for municipalities. Complete tailor-made programs as well as modular (participation) modules.

Our programs are suitable for all newcomers, regardless of the moment their residence permit was issued or the phase of integration.

For companies

NewBees has years of practice and is expert in the field of diversity and inclusion.

We share this expertise with the Dutch business community and offer companies our support in organizing inclusive workplaces.

For newcomers

NewBees matches newcomers with Traineeships at local entrepreneurs and organizations, where talent and equality are central. 

Newcomers gain practical experience, practice Dutch with colleagues and build up a local network. During the traineeship, newcomers receive personal guidance. 


We are committed to an inclusive society,
through an inclusive workplace.

  • We guide newcomers, employers and municipalities
  • We always deliver customization
  • We offer civic integration and participation programs to municipalities
  • We guide companies and organizations in creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace
  • We match newcomers to sustainable traineeships
  • In everything we do customization, talent and equality are central
  • Every day we experience the benefits of an inclusive workplace, half of our team consists of newcomers

Impact, Inclusion, Integration

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A place in our society

Practical solutions based on knowledge and experience, always focused on:


We believe in talent. In a society where everyone has the opportunity to use their talent. Regardless of age, work experience or where you come from.


Nothing and no one is the same. We celebrate those differences, which is why we provide tailor-made solutions for all our customers. And our solutions can be applied optimally.


We work together to find inclusive solutions, as partners. This applies to everyone – employers, municipalities and newcomers.

Impact for everyone

With our approach we create impact for everyone. For newcomers, municipalities, participating organizations and for society as a whole. The Impact Institute researched and measured the effect of our approach for all involved:

For newcomers
for newcomers
For government and municipalities
For government and municipalities
For organizations and companies
For society
What NewBees can do for society

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