NewBees prepares newcomers, refugees, for a job: at a place in our society. We match newcomers with traineeships at local entrepreneurs and organizations, where talent and equality are central.

Making Matches that Matter

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Our approach is evidence-based and a unique combination of personal guidance and practical experience, based on customization.

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    • We are committed to an inclusive society
    • We help newcomers, organizations and municipalities
    • We make sustainable matches
    • Every day we experience the benefits of an inclusive workplace – half of our team consists of newcomers
    • We deliver custom work
    • Our experience experts know how to motivate newcomers like no other
    • We work together with NLtraining and offer pilots for the new learning routes
    • Talent, equality and practical experience are central to our working method

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Dutch municipalities have NewBees activities and we are growing

Match NewBees logoMaking Matches that Matter


Salam was 18 when he fled Syria in 2015 and came to the Netherlands. First, he lived with his older brother in Amstelveen. A few months later he moved to Tiel. In the beginning it was strange and difficult because suddenly he was all alone.

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Since September 2020, Khouzama works as a volunteer at the Zonnebloem. She would like to pursue her career in the legal profession.

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Before coming to the Netherlands in 2015, Fadwa worked as a lawyer in Syria for 15 years. Here she is not (yet) allowed to work in her field.

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Matter NewBees logoA place in our society

At NewBees, newcomers prepare for work, in a place in our society. Our main pillars in brief:


Focusing on people through customization is the way to help newbees take the first step. By doing so, newbees discover their talents and gain the confidence to get started.

Hands-on experience

Learning by doing, works. You can only improve your Dutch language-skills by talking, and you expand your network by meeting people. Our traineeships are designed for this.


We believe in talent. In a society where everyone has the opportunity to utilize their talent. Wherever you come from. Our matches are therefore based on talent and equality.

Match NewBees logoImpact for everyone

With our approach we create an impact for everyone. For newcomers, municipalities, participating organizations and for society as a whole. The Impact Institute researched and measured the effect of our approach for all involved:

For newcomers
for newcomers
For government and municipalities
For government and municipalities
For organizations and companies
For society
What NewBees can do for society

The 2019 Impact Measurement was commissioned
of the municipality of Zaanstad, part of the SZW pilot

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