NewBees Inc. advises employers about an inclusive workplace Because inclusive organizations, where employees feel at home, are more productive, more creative and more successful.
As inclusion experts, we help employers integrate Diversity & Inclusion into their organisation. We do this by providing practical tools that come from our own experience as an inclusive organization.


The theme Diversity & Inclusion is becoming increasingly important in the Dutch workplace. Employers are becoming aware that they are missing out on new talent and potential customers if they do not pay attention to this theme. In addition, evidence is growing that inclusive teams are more productive and have less employee turnover.  

But how do you build an inclusive workplace? How do you convince management of its importance? Where can you find new employees with diverse backgrounds? And when they come to work for you, how do you make sure they all feel at home? And that they also dare to share their diverse perspective?

NewBees Inc. provides solutions for these issues. We offer practical tools and help companies to address various target groups and to organize inclusive teams.

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Inclusive organizations consistently score better on productivity, absenteeism, staff turnover and both customer and employee satisfaction. However, by no means all employers have the theme high on the agenda, or have made time and resources available for it.

NewBees Inc. can help you with the right arguments to prioritize Diversity & Inclusion, and make it part of strategy and business operations.


A diverse group of employees has many advantages for a company: teams with different perspectives come up with better solutions, and can appeal to a more diverse customer group. But where do you find this diverse talent? What is the best way to address them and how do you become an attractive employer for them?

NewBees Inc. offers tools and practical tips to design recruitment policy more inclusively and thus attract diverse talent.


Just because a team is diverse, doesn’t mean the workplace is inclusive. People with diverse backgrounds often don’t feel completely at home, and that is a reason for them to go and work elsewhere. It is also a shame not to use their full potential.

NewBees Inc. offers advice and pathways to fully integrate inclusive work into the corporate culture, so that teams are not only diverse, but also truly reap the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

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