Civic integration

NewBees believes in talent. Our vision is that everyone has talent and that using our talent is crucial for successful integration and civic integration. For years we have been making valuable matches between newcomers and local society, based on talent and equality.


We match newcomers to participation or work at local entrepreneurs and organizations, where talent and equality are central. These practice places are supplemented with workshops provided by our internally trained matchers, who are often newcomers themselves. In addition, the matchers guide participants personally, and participants are in contact with the neighborhood and with colleagues through network discussions and neighborhood activities.

We have further developed our unique methodology for participation, so that it can be used adequately within the new Civic Integration Act, and can be easily linked to language education that is provided by our partner NLtraining.


Mohammad Taalles


We have developed programs in which participation is easily linked to language education in the form of dual tailor-made programs. For all learning routes of the new Civic Integration Act, NewBees offers modular participation activities, that fit the offer of local language education providers.

With these participation activities we bring you specific skills that help you to find your way in the Netherlands.


We also offer our services to people who obtained their residence status before January 1, 2022. For this ‘in-between group’ we offer the same participation activities, which they can use at their own discretion and that of their contact person at the municipality.

Do you belong to this group and do you live in a region or municipality where NewBees is active? Contact our local team.

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