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NewBees is a social enterprise.

NewBees carries out her activities as ‘NewBees Inclusion Solutions B.V.’. ‘Stichting NewBees’, an NGO under Dutch law, is a priority shareholder of NewBees Inclusion Solutions. The NGO has a large say in the organisation, particularly when it comes to decisions that touch the enterprise’s social mission. In addition to the ‘Stichting NewBees’, which has Dutch ANBI status *, founder Annemiek Dresen is a shareholder of NewBees through Novato Holding B.V.

The NewBees Foundation and Novato Holding B.V. sit together in the shareholders meeting of NewBees Inclusion Solutions B.V. This way, the social purpose of the organisation is protected, and it can participate in economic transactions in an entrepreneurial way.

The statutes of NewBees Inclusion Solutions follow the Dutch Code Sociale Ondernemingen (Code for Social Enterprises) and as such contain:

  • A solid description of the social mission of the organisation;
  • An impact reserve. In 2020, 2021 and 2022 this reserve is set at 100% of any possible profit: this means that all possible profits will flow back to pursue the social mission of the organisation and will not be paid out;
  • An independent advisory body **. In the case of NewBees, the Stichting NewBees has this function, in addition to which it has additional powers as a holder of a priority share. This means that the foundation’s board must approve important decisions about the organization’s social mission, profit distributions and the impact reserve;
  • Limitation of the remuneration of directors and management fees, such as those to Novato Holding B.V., and the director of the organization;
  • In addition, by committing itself to the Code Sociale Ondernemingen NewBees will always communicate transparently about its activities and finances, and be in constant dialogue with its various stakeholders.

For more information, see dit document.

* The ‘Stichting NewBees’ is recognized by the Dutch Tax Authorities as an ANBI (Public Benefit Organization), which means that any donation is tax-deductible. To make a gift tax-deductible, the amount must be between 1% and 10% of annual net income, or it must be a recurring gift. From January 1, 2014, a monthly gift to an ANBI organization is 100% tax-deductible, provided that this gift is repeated for five consecutive years. Unlike previous regulations, a notary is no longer required to record such an agreement. Are you interested or have questions? Then contact us. As ANBI, we are required to present our policies and plans on this website. You can read more about it on the Traineeship page of this website and in our annual reports.

** The supervisory body of NewBees:
As a social enterprise, and as an ANBI, it is important that our supervisory body has no financial interest in our activities. We can assure you that the board is completely voluntary and that regardless of effort, no financial contribution is paid to its members: Hanna Zwietering, Mireille Goos and Andrew Trythall.

Invoicing information

NewBees Inclusion Solutions B.V.
Chris Lebeaustraat 4
IBAN: NL67ABNA0833968785
BTW: NL825893331B01

Please coordinate the routing number with the finance department: finance@new-bees.org


NewBees has an ANBI status. Due to this status, certain gifts are deductible and we do not have to pay gift or inheritance tax on gifts and inheritances received. Click below for the necessary information about the publication obligation of the ANBI organization (in Dutch).

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