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Meet Team NewBees Amsterdam!

We have been active in Amsterdam since 2016. Here too we prepare newcomers for a job, for a place in our society.

Do you live in Amersfoort area and are you curious about what NewBees can do for you? Our coordinator and our matchers are ready to answer all your questions.

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Projects for newcomers in Amsterdam

ProSocial Amsterdam

NewBees welcomes all newcomers in Amsterdam who are looking for a place where they can put their talents at work. We have set up ProSocial Amsterdam especially for newcomers between 17 and 27 years old. This traineeship is part of a social service program called Maatschappelijke Diensttijd.

Maatschappelijke diensttijd logo

More information? Click hier for the project page, or contact one of our matchers.

You can also register directly through our system.

Amsterdam Healthcare Traineeship

Are you a newcomer living in or around Amsterdam? Do you enjoy helping people? Then the NewBees Healthcare Traineeship is right for you!

During this special traineeship you will do voluntary work in a healthcare institution in Amsterdam. You will also follow language classes and attend workshops. The traineeship lasts three months. At the end, you will receive a certificate and we will look together for the next step in your career.

We developed the program together with our partners NL Training and Cordaan.

Meet team NewBees Amsterdam

Osama Fanous
Coordinator Amsterdam

Osama finds working with NewBees a great opportunity to spread benefits to talented people. People who only need the right step to move on to what they love to do.

Semhar Hagos
Matcher Amsterdam

Semhar believes that everyone deserves a chance. She is passionate and sees the best in people. She hopes to build up relevant working experience.

Hanne van de Riet
Matcher Amsterdam

Hanne is enthusiastic and passionate about the things she does. Determined to stand up for equal opportunities in society. By working at NewBees, she can contribute to a more inclusive and beautiful society in which everyone can shine.

Arzu Dinler
Matcher Amsterdam

Arzu likes to learn from new cultures and new opportunities. Since both her daughter and Arzu benefited from the NewBees network four years ago, Arzu finds it extremely useful to be able to help, connect and contribute to the lives of newbees now.

Margaret Groenewegen
Matcher Amsterdam

Margaret’s drive is to empower people who are in a difficult career phase or labor market position and to guide them towards a new job or career direction. Her strength is working from a genuine curiosity and thinking in solutions. Environmentally aware, creative, proactive, communicative and result-oriented.


Zeiban Yassin
Matcher Amsterdam

Zeinab is very enthusiastic about her work at NewBees where she can help fellow newcomers start a new life and integrate into society. She believes it is important that she continues to develop and gain experience.


Querijn van de Langenberg
Matcher Amsterdam

Querijn is doing his graduation internship at NewBees because he likes to work for others and has an affection for the target group. In addition, NewBees is an ideal environment to practice the knowledge from his study (Applied Psychology) and to develop further as a professional.


Pinar Kelen Delioglu
Matcher Amsterdam

Pinar believes she can help people rebuild their self-confidence. She knows this is possible at NewBees. That is why she is very enthusiastic about her work as a matcher where she supports fellow newcomers. Pinar: “We can rise together again”.

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