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Meet Team NewBees Arnhem!

We have been active in Arnhem since 2020. Here too we prepare newcomers for a job, for a place in our society.

Do you live in Arnhem area and are you curious about what NewBees can do for you? Our coordinator and our matchers are ready to answer all your questions.

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Projects voor newcomers in Arnhem

ProSocial Arnhem

NewBees welcomes all newcomers in Arnhem who are looking for a place where they can put their talents at work. We have set up ProSocial Arnhem especially for newcomers between 17 and 27 years old. This traineeship is part of a social service program called Maatschappelijke Diensttijd.

Maatschappelijke diensttijd logo

More information? Click hier for the project page, or contact one of our matchers.

You can also register directly through our system.

Meet team NewBees Arnhem

Portret Bastiaan Kuijt

Bastiaan Kuijt
Coordinator Arnhem

Bastiaan has much experience with the social sector in Arnhem and knows how important it is to offer tailored help and solutions where necessary.

Portret Myrte de Bruijn

Myrte de Bruijn
Matcher Arnhem

Myrte believes in the power of cooperation, connection and equality. At NewBees she is full of curiosity and commitment to realize a humane and inclusive society.


Portret Cagdas Dagasan

Cagdas Dagesan
Matcher Arnhem

When Cagdas enters somewhere, he comes with a smile. He sees the positive in life. Cagdas is an honest, passionate, hardworking social worker who fights for newcomers. He respects every culture and believes that we as humanity together can do a lot of good in this world.

Portret Mahmoud

Matcher Arnhem

Mahmoud has always found meaning in his life by communicating and connecting with other people. He thinks NewBees will give him the tools to be a bridge between people.

Portret Balqes Alkontar

Balqes Alkontar
Matcher Arnhem

Balqes believes that everyone has something special. According to her, most of us just need someone to show us the way in the beginning. Balqes is therefore happy to help newcomers a step further in finding their way.

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