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Do you live in the Central Gelderland region, including the municipalities of Arnhem, Zevenaar, Duiven, Doesburg, Lingenwaard, Over Betuwe, Rheden, Rozendaal, Westevoort?
Meet Team NewBees Arnhem!

We have been active in Arnhem since 2020. Here too we prepare newcomers for a job, for a place in our society. ​ Do you want to know more about NewBees? Our coordinator and matchers are ready for you. ​ Would you like to keep up to date with NewBees Arnhem? Then follow us on Facebook!

Services for newcomers in Central-Gelderland (Arnhem)

MDT Arnhem

NewBees welcomes all newcomers between the ages of 17 and 27 in Central-Gelderland who are looking for a place where they can use their talent. We have set up MDT Central-Gelderland especially for young newcomers. This traineeship is part of The Social Service Time..

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Click here for the project page, or contact our matchers for more information.

You can also register directly via our system!

 Civic integration

In Central Gelderland verzorgt NewBees participatieactiviteiten in de Z-route en in de B1 route. NewBees provides participation activities in the Z-route and in the B1 route. These activities fit in seamlessly with NLTraining’s language education.

If you are integrating and you live in this region, your contact person from the municipality will register you automatically. Would you like to know more about NewBees integration activities? Click on the button below.

Meet team NewBees Midden-Gelderland


Bastiaan Kuijt

Bastiaan has much experience with the social sector in Arnhem and knows how important it is to offer tailored help and solutions where necessary.


Mahmoud Abdurahman

Mahmoud has always found the meaning of his life by communicating and connecting with other people. He thinks NewBees will give him the tools to build bridges between people.


Safaa Watar

Safaa believes that we can achieve all our dreams and aspirations with faith and cooperation, and that nothing is difficult or impossible. Helping people is something wonderful and joyful, and everyone will benefit from it


Rahaf Alkeshek

Rahaf likes to connect with the world and gain experience. Working for and with people gives her a lot of energy.


Hadeel Alnumiri

Hadeel believes that volunteering helps people gain work experience and develop skills. They also become better at teamwork, problem solving and task management.


Maryam Roustaie

At NewBees, Maryam can connect with different people and cultures. That gives her a good feeling. She can also further expand her knowledge and skills.


Samara Alsaleh

Samara likes to help people find the right direction and their place in a new society. At NewBees she thinks she can make an even bigger difference. She is very happy to be part of this beautiful team.


Selin Usma

Selin knows what it’s like to grow up in 2 cultures. She wants to stimulate newcomers and investigate where the strengths lie. She wants to support those who find it difficult to find their way in the Dutch society.



Motivation is one of the most important criteria to start something new. At NewBees Arnhem Nour wants to help newcomers to participate in society from their own passion.


Bushra Alessa

Bushra believes that volunteering is the most important way to get to know a new community. She also believes that this is the best way to improve yourself.


Wies Brabänder

With her study International Social Work and internship at NewBees, Wies hopes to gain knowledge and experience and to contribute, together with this team, in finding a way for newbies in the Dutch society.

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