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Meet team NewBees INC.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) are hot topics. And rightly so, because inclusive employers with a diverse workforce attract new talent and new potential clients. Also, there is growing evidence that inclusive teams are more productive and experience less personnel turnover. NewBees INC. advises and helps employers to integrate DEI in their organization.

We would like to introduce team NewBees INC.

Meet team NewBees INC.


Valerie van Lanschot
General Manager

Valerie is energetic, positive and loves to connect people. She believes that a focus on talent can benefit both newcomers and Dutch society in general.

Portret Annemiek Dresen

Annemiek Dresen
Oprichter & Directeur

Annemiek started NewBees because she believes that an inclusive society starts with working together. Social innovation and inclusion are the major drivers.​

Julien Oomen

Julien Oomen

Julien has years of experience working with people from different backgrounds. He works as a trainer, program manager, Man’s Circle facilitator, as well as a musician.

Yordi Lassooy Tekle

Yordi Lassooy Tekle Trainer

Yordi is the co-founder of Culture in Harmony. She works as a consultant, trainer, intercultural mediator and social broker. At NewBees INC. Yordi accompanies workshops such as the deep-dive sessions.

Gita Moehadjir

Gita Moehadjir

Gita is a communication trainer (actress), acting teacher (theatre), author (Gita is a communication trainer (actress), game teacher (theatre), author (teaching aids) and moderator (diversity/inclusion). Gita accompanies workshops such as the deep dive.

Portret Rob Schipper

Rob Schipper

Rob helps us understand the story behind the numbers. With his holistic approach, he believes that connections with people are the basis for success.

Portret Nadia Schoenzwytt

Nadia Schoenzwytt Communicatie

Nadia is a communications specialist with international business experience. She is happy to use her acquired skills and expertise to do work that matters.

Theo Oudelaar

Theo Oudelaar

Theo uses his many years of experience as a commercial director and as marketing and sales specialist to support NewBees in realizing thei objectives and social mission.

Ashmita Krishna Sharma

Ashmita Krishna Sharma Trainer

Ashmita has great expertise in Diversity & Inclusion. She is a trained speaker, consultant, trainer and panelist with experience in both the corporate and public sectors.

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