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Meet NewBees NL!

We couldn’t do our job without all the employees who work “behind the scenes” at NewBees. The IT and communication colleagues, the board, the management, the researchers and business developers, our lawyer, those responsible for finance and administration.

We are happy to introduce the NewBees NL team!

Meet team NewBees NL

Portret Dorien Marres

Dorien Marres
Operational Director

Dorien has extensive experience in the field of human rights and refugees. She believes that work enables people to feel like a valuable addition to society.

Portret Annemiek Dresen

Annemiek Dresen
Founder & Director

Annemiek started NewBees because she believes that an inclusive society starts with working together. Social innovation and inclusion are the major drivers.​

Portret Valerie van Landschot

Valerie van Lanschot
Business Developer

Valerie is energetic, positive and loves to connect people. She believes that a focus on talent can benefit both newcomers and Dutch society in general.

Portret Rob Schipper

Rob Schipper

Rob is happy to be able to support and contribute NewBees through finances. He helps us to understand how we operate by telling the stories behind the numbers. With a holistic approach, he is convinced that connections with people form the basis of success.

Portret Linda Rook

Linda Rook
Operational Coordinator

Linda likes to think in terms of opportunities. Connecting people to the right place can make a big difference. It is a win-win for the newcomer and Dutch society.

Portret Sacha Bouma

Sacha Bouma
Sales & acquisitie

Sacha is enthusiastic and eager to learn. She likes to focus on future possibilities for a person, to help them reach their full potential.

Portret Nadia Schoenzwytt

Nadia Schoenzwytt Communication

Nadia is a communication specialist with experience in the international business world. She is happy to use her acquired skills and expertise to do work that matters and contribute to a more inclusive society.

Portret Mariëlle Truijen

Mariëlle Truijen Operational Assistent

Mariëlle sees working at NewBees as a wonderful opportunity to help create an inclusive society. Understanding each other and being open to learn from each other is very important to Mariëlle.


Nadia Belhadi
Office Manager

Nadia was also newbie in the Netherlands and knows what it’s like to start over somewhere. At NewBees she sees the opportunity to contribute to offering newcomers a place in society. You can only get the best out of people if you give them the opportunity to learn and work.

Theo Oudelaar

Theo Oudelaar
Board Secretary

Theo uses his many years of experience as commercial director and marketing and sales specialist to support NewBees in realizing their objectives and social mission.


Dr. Asma Naimi
Chair of the Board

Asma is Assistant Professor of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact Advisor. She focuses on innovations for major social challenges such as migration, poverty, inequality and injustice. She combines knowledge and creativity to create social change and is passionate about NewBees’ mission.

Leon Noorlander

Leon Noorlander
Board treasurer

Leon is deputy director of Pharos. Previously, he was a program manager at the national government, responsible, among other things, for setting up the Social Domain Programme. Prior to that, he was project leader of the Work and Integration Refugee team at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. In that role, he co-initiated the Pharos program ‘Aan De Slag’, aimed at stimulating voluntary work by refugees.


Hanna Zwietering Supervisory Board

Hanna is Investment Manager at ABN AMRO Social Impact Fund. She helps to develop the social enterprise market in the Netherlands through direct equity investments. Hanna strongly believes in social enterprises as a motor for sustainable societal development.

Portret Winnie Goei

Winnie Goei

Winnie works for a union and has a warm heart for NewBees. She therefore likes that she can help the organization from her field.

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