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We have been active in Nijmegen since 2021. Here too we prepare newcomers for a job, for a place in our society.

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Services for newcomers in Nijmegen

Participate immediately

The aim of this project is to help a limited number of people who have fled because of the war in Ukraine to find work.

NewBees Nijmegen will match them using the NewBees traineeship method.

During this process, we collect information about our research questions.



Are you new to the Netherlands and coming from Ukraine? Then you probably have many questions about living and working in the Netherlands. In this flyer you will find useful links and information.

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Meet team NewBees Nijmegen

Portret Mariëlle Truijen

Mariëlle Truijen
Operational Assistent

Mariëlle sees working at NewBees as a wonderful opportunity to help create an inclusive society. Understanding each other and being open to learn from each other is very important to Mariëlle.


Yana Tikan

Yana came to the Netherlands in 2022. She is an expert in intercultural communication, enthusiastic about exploring cultures, eager to help newcomers find their way in a diverse society.


Lina Oleksiienko

Born in Ukraine and now working at NewBees on the ‘Participate Immediately’ project, Lina knows better than anyone how important it is to feel welcome in another country. She does her best to help people find their way in the Netherlands. Success stories inspire her and motivate her to keep going.

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