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Do you live in Oostzaan or Wormerland?

Meet Team NewBees OVER-gemeenten!

Here too, we guide and support newcomers to quickly participate and find their place in society.


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Services for newcomers in Oostzaan and Wormerland

MDT Traineeship

NewBees welcomes all newcomers in Oostzaan and Wormerland between the ages of 17 and 30 who are looking for a place to use their talent. We have set up the MDT traineeship especially for young newcomers. This traineeship is part of Maatschappelijke Diensttijd.

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More information? Visit our project page or ask our matchers for more information.

NewBees Traineeship

Are you older than 27? Would you like to get to know the Dutch labor market? And use your experience in a Dutch working environment? Great! NewBees is happy to help you find a traineeship.

Regardless of where you come from, where you want to go, your knowledge of the Dutch language. And whether or not you have work experience. Would you like to know more about NewBees Traineeship? Click on the button below.

Meet team NewBees OVER-gemeenten
(Ooostzaan en Wormerland)

Manal Janbeh

Manal Janbeh
Team Coordinator

According to Manal, everyone has a unique personality. She believes that NewBees is the right place to help people discover their talents and give them the opportunity to take the first step towards their place in the Dutch society.
Portret Shatha Tamim

Shatha Tamim

Shatha believes newcomers can benefit from getting involved in their community. She sees NewBees as a bridge-builder, that connects people.

Mirjam Antaki

Mirjam Antaki

Mirjam gets energy from communicating with people. She is very social, has contact with people of different ages, backgrounds and cultures and gets along easily with everyone. She is eager to learn and takes her work very seriously.

Fatina Mahealiah

Fatina believes in diversity and inclusion. She is convinced that everyone has unique experiences and perspectives, a set of diverse skills, talents and ambitions that enriches society.
Khaled Alkhaled

Khaled Alkhaled

Khaled is a communications specialist. He believes that humans are creative and great, regardless of where they come from. Newcomers bring to the Dutch society a sea of talents and offer an ocean of creative possibilities.

Leoniek Veldhuis

Leoniek Veldhuis

Leoniek enjoys the talent, drive and diversity of the NewBees team and the participants in the NewBees programs. She was once a banker and now she volunteers her knowledge and experience to support newcomers to feel at home and find their place in Dutch society.
Sliman Almobark

Sliman Almobark

Sliman is an artist. His challenge is to help new fellow citizens find their way in a creative way. NewBees is the place where a new and exciting beginning is made into something beautiful.

Nadia Kamell

Nadia would like to support talented status holders to find their way in Dutch society. She believes that everyone deserves the chance to fulfill their dreams.

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