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Do you live in the West-Friesland region, including the municipalities of Drechterland, Enkhuizen, Medemblik, or Stede Broec?

Meet Team NewBees West-Friesland!

Here too we prepare newcomers for a job, a place in our society.

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Services for nieuwkomers in West-Friesland

MDT West-Friesland

NewBees welcomes all newcomers between the ages of 17 and 27 in the West-Friesland region who are looking for a place where they can use their talent. We have set up MDT West-Friesland especially for these young newcomers. This traineeship is part of the Social Service Time project..

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Click here for de project page, or ask our matchers for more information.

You can also register directly via our system!

 Civic integration

In the West-Friesland region, including the municipalities of Drechterland, Enkhuizen, Medemblik, and Stede Broec, NewBees provides participation activities in the B1 route and in the Z route.

Are you integrating and do you live in the West-Friesland region? Then your contact person at the municipality will register you automatically. Would you like to know more about NewBees integration activities? Click on the button below.

Meet team NewBees West-Friesland


Demelash Mersa

In the Ethiopian society in which Demelash lived and worked, everyone is dependent on each other. He has experienced that this is different in the Netherlands. That is why it is his dream to make newcomers feel connected in Dutch society.


Ana Laura Padilla Herrera

Ana wants a society where people can achieve their goals and dreams. She is convinced that the best way to realise this is to help each other.


Oreen Hussein

Oreen comes from Syria and speaks both Kurdish and Arabic. She is very happy with her first volunteer work at NewBees. She likes to be among people and assist newcomers integrate into the Dutch society.


Wafa Ali

Wafa comes from a society that is completely different in language and culture from the Dutch. She believes that the more you learn about the language, culture and traditions of the country you live in, the faster your integration into society will be.


Nabil BinSumaidea

Nabil believes that adaptability plays a key role for newcomers. When newcomers have the ability to adjust, the integration process in any new society will be an easy and pleasant process.

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