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NewBees locatie Friesland, zelf aan zet

Meet Team NewBees Zelf aan Zet!

We have been active in Zelf aan Zet since 2020. Here too we prepare newcomers for a job, for a place in our society.

Do you live in Zelf aan Zet area and are you curious about what NewBees can do for you? Our coordinator and our matchers are ready to answer all your questions.

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Meet team NewBees Amersfoort

Geertje Postma
Coordinator Zelf aan Zet

Geertje has much experience with newcomers, and specifically the large group of Eritrean youngsters who are housed in Leeuwarden.

Tesfom Ghirmay
Matcher Zelf aan Zet

As a certified Newcomer Experience Expert (EDNIKO), Tesfom would like to see the contribution of newcomers to society. He believes that everyone has their own talent and likes to support newcomers in finding their way. According to Tesfom, newcomers are given the opportunity to contribute to society with their capacities through empowerment and support.


Mohamed Haj Ali
Matcher Zelf aan Zet

Mohamed believes that everyone has talents and skills, all they lack is the right way to reach their goals.

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Abdela Salh
Matcher Zelf aan Zet

Abdela likes to connect people. Everyone is equal and deserves equal rights to be helped. He is therefore ready to give his support to people and welcome them with open arms.

Alaa Hayatleh
Matcher Zelf aan Zet

Alaa is highly motivated to help newcomers on their way to a good future. It gives her great satisfaction when she succeeds in helping someone a step further sustainably.

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