Measuring Impact

Our economy is focused on economic growth and financial impact. For social enterprises such as NewBees that is quite strange, because our product is human and social. By only looking at the annual figures, it almost seems as if the social impact made does not matter, while that is what comes first.

That is why NewBees, together with the Impact Institute developed an approach to measure the social impact of our working method. In this way, we provide insight into our impact, and we can place it in perspective.

“The impact measurement showed that everyone who came into contact with NewBees immediately experiences a positive impact. So not just the newcomer, but also the companies, the municipality, and society as a whole.”

Rita Noordzij
Alderman for integration in the municipality of Zaanstad

​What is impact measurement?

In addition to the financial impact on various stakeholders, we have also mapped the intellectual, social and human capital of our working method since 2018. We express this in euros. This makes it possible to compare different impacts and put them in perspective. In this way, we show exactly how much social impact we create. And we make the importance of our working method visible and tangible.
Impact analysis of the Impact Institute

Real-time view of our impact

We measure our impact on all stakeholders involved, including participants, companies, municipalities, and society as a whole. We do this for the entire NewBees organization and per location.

Measuring impact is integrated into our working method and linked to our digital matching tool. This gives us real-time insight into and insight into the impact we make.

Scientific framework

The Framework for Impact Statements (FIS) and the Integrated Profit & We use the Impact Institute’s Loss Assessment Methodology (IAM Core) as a scientific framework for impact measurement. We use statistical analyzes based on data from the European Social Survey (ESS), and both qualitative and quantitative surveys among stakeholders.

An example: measuring well-being

One of the impacts we measure is the well-being of the participants. With our participation and dual trajectories, we match newcomers to participation activities that match their talents and ambitions through customization and personal guidance. This creates an increased chance of finding and keeping a job. To calculate the well-being of participants, we include a number of effects that influence this. These are each calculated and quantified separately:

The Well-being effect from having a job is created through three specific categories: 1) Stronger social ties, 2) a change of social status and 3) a greater sense of autonomy.

The welfare effect of cultural integration is based on 1) the difference in ‘feeling part of your new environment before and after the integration (this is asked per participant) and 2) the specific effect of having a job on the language level.

The welfare effect of language integration is determined on the basis of the difference in language level of the person integrating at the beginning and end of the learning route and the specific effect of this on having a job at the language level (based on ESS data).

Well-being effect due to cultural differences states that there is a decrease in the chance of being discriminated against in a job rather than unemployment. This well-being factor reflects the impact of cultural discrimination on life satisfaction.

Match NewBees logoImpact of our working method on the stakeholders involved

What impact do we make exactly? A brief summary of the most important findings in our impact measurement 2019:
For newcomers
What NewBees can do for newcomers
For government and municipalities
What NewBees can do for municipalities
For organizations and companies
What NewBees can do for companies
For society
What NewBees can do for society

The Impact Measurement from 2019 was carried out on commission of the municipality of Zaanstad, part of the pilot SZW

Curious about our full impact report?

Download our impact measurement report 2019 and 2018 here.

"No other party in the Netherlands calculates its social impact that far. What NewBees does is unique."

Impact Institute

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