Everything we do at NewBees helps to prepare newcomers for a place in our society. Our approach is a unique combination of personal guidance and practical experience, based on customization.


Focus on people and offering customization is the core of NewBees. Through our intake process, the search for a suitable workplace, and our personal guidance throughout the entire process, the newcomer builds self-confidence by discovering and developing their own talent.

Hands-on experience

A practical approach works. Learning by doing, improving Dutch by talking, and expanding your network by meeting people. Gaining practical experience increases fitness for work and creates a better image of Dutch and local society (NewBees, 2020, Impact Meting).

Sustainable & dual

We match sustainably. This means we match newbies to a traineeship that fits their ambitions and brings them closer to their dream job. In addition, we work together with our partner NLTraining and we combine language education with practical experiences. This is in line with the new Dutch Civic Integration Law.

Local teams & expertise experts

Local teams

NewBees works with local teams in different cities in the Netherlands. Our matchers are strongly rooted in local society and are the link between newcomers and local organizations.

Newbees works with local teams
Experts by experience

Our matchers always operate in equal pairs: a talented newcomer and a local expert. In this way we combine the best of both worlds and link knowledge, experience and networks.

Suitable workplace

Thanks to our local network and experience experts, we find a suitable workplace for every newcomer. And we make matches that really matter.

Online Matching Platform

We’ve developed a unique methodology and online matching platform. In this way we combine smart technology with social contact, so we are always close by. Personal and practical.

On our innovative platform, newcomers merge their experience, knowledge, and passions into a personal profile. We use this information to match newcomers with a suitable traineeship. We record and validate all knowledge and experience gained in our tool.

Online matching platform

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