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Making matches that matter

NewBees prepares newcomers, refugees, for a job: for a place in society. We match newcomers to traineeships with local entrepreneurs and organizations, where talent and equality are key.

In our unique methodology we combine personal support and practical experience. Our goal is to create an positive outcome for everyone: for newcomers, participating organizations and for society as a whole. NewBees works with local teams in various cities in the Netherlands, of which at least half have a background as a newcomer. Their dedication, commitment and network makes sure a suitable workplace can be found for every newcomer close-by.

Our practical way of working fits within the framework of the Civic Integration Task Force that Minister Koolmees has deployed. Our intake process supports the same principles. NewBees practical participation activities are in line with language teaching in order to shape a dual track.

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“NewBees is an indispensable partner for Zaanstad. Together we ensure that the newcomers quickly become part of the Zaanse society.”

Maja Matosevic
Program Manager at the Municipality Zaanstad

The new civic integration law

In the Civic Integration Change Task, the role of municipalities will increase, with more and earlier efforts being made on language, participation and relief. Municipalities are currently preparing to implement the new law at the local level. NewBees offers professional support and guidance, in line with the same principles as the new law.

Our services for municipalities

The Newbees traineeship

Traineeships are tailor-made programs in which the talents, experiences and ambitions of newcomers are the key focus. Newcomers combine practical experience in the workplace with workshops and individual supervision by our matchers.

The term ‘traineeship’ is used to indicate that it is an important trajectory in which participants learn a lot. In practice, this is an accessible practical experience that everyone can participate in.


As part of the NewBees traineeship, we offer workshops for our participants. These workshops cover topics such as ‘What is volunteering, and why is it important?’ And ‘How do I present myself in a Dutch environment?’

The peer-to-peer nature of the workshops is key to their success. Newcomers, whether in the same or a different stage of the work process, support each other by sharing experiences.

Impact and measure

NewBees wants to have a positive impact on newcomers, municipalities and society as a whole. Together with Impact Institute, we designed an impact tool that allows us to measure our impact on a number of different indicators.

This means that we not only understand the impact we make but also how we can make adjustments to increase our positive impact. Do you want to learn more about impact? Read our full impact analysis, register for the workshop ‘Insight in Impact’ or contact us!

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