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Civic integration and participation
by and for newcomers


The new Civic Integration Act gives municipalities a lot of responsibilities when it comes to coordinating and implementing civic integration. Does your municipality need support with this? Perhaps NewBees can be of assistance.

In addition to advice on inclusive policy, NewBees offers (dual) integration and participation programs to municipalities. Whether your municipality looks for complete language and civic integration programmes, or just specific participation modules for the learning routes – we make sure that our approach is in line with what your municipality already offers.

Talent, customization and equality are central values in our approach. We believe in a society where everyone has the opportunity to use their talent. Our programmes are tailor-made and suitable for all newcomers, regardless of whether they receive their residence permit before or after 1 January 2022.

Our services for municipalities

Dual civic integration programs: language and participation


Together with our partner NLtraining, we offer tailor-made dual integration courses. NLtraining provides language education, NewBees provides the participation program. Our services can be deployed modularly and connect seamlessly with each other. 

These dual trajectories offer solutions particularly well suited for the Z route. However, our programs stimulate a quick participation in the B1 route as well.

Modular participation modules for integration


In the context of civic integration, NewBees offers various participation modules. These can be used in programs under the new Civic Integration Act, but also for newcomers who got their residence permit before 1 January 2022.

The modules are in line with the language education available at the municipality. All the components can be used modularly so that we can offer every newcomer a customised participation program.

Sustainable matching
for non-integrators


One of NewBees’ participation modules is our well-known NewBees Traineeship that prepares newcomers for a job, a place in our society. We match newcomers to local businesses and organizations.

During work, they practice the Dutch language, gain experience, develop a local network and add value to the workplace. During the traineeship, newcomers and employers receive guidance, follow workshops and training courses.

“NewBees knows this target group through and through. And therefore also the challenges and problems that newcomers encounter. The NewBees experts had to go through these processes themselves.”

Client Manager at the Municipality of Zaanstad


Our method is based on years of experience with participation programs
for and by newcomers.

Our focus on talent and equality is essential in our working method. This focus is the key for a quick start, timely integration, sustainable matches and motivated participants. Our working method is therefore perfectly in line with the New Civic Integration Act.

During our participation processes, participants receive from our matchers personal guidance and tailor-made solutions: each newcomer follows a program that is adapted to their wishes and needs, and in line with the agreements made with the municipality (for example in the PIP). Our matchers work in duos: a local expert and an experienced professional. Half of our teams consists of newcomers. We know the civic integration processes inside out and we know how to motivate newcomers like no other.

Our matchers maintain close contact with the client managers of the municipality. They also register the progress and participation hours in our online platform. This way, the team at the municipality is kept up to date in real time. If desired, we can work together with the municipality internal agencies and local partners.

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Making and measuring impact

With our approach we create impact for everyone. For newcomers, municipalities, participating organizations and for society as a whole.Together with the Impact Institute we investigated and measured the effect of our approach for all those involved. Would you like to know more? Check out our integrated annual report and our impact page.
Measuring impact is part of our working method and is therefore part of our integration and participation processes.

Our offer in short

  • We offer complete integration and participation processes
  • Our programs are suitable for all newcomers, regardless of whether they obtained their residence permit before or after January 1, 2022
  • We also match newcomers who are not part of an integration process
  • Our offer is adaptable to the current offer of the municipality
  • We provide personal guidance and customisation
  • We focus on talent and equality
  • Half of our local teams consist of newcomers who are experienced professionals
  • Municipalities have 24/7 access into the civic integration progress and participation hours via our online platform
  • We work together with the municipal agency
    and local partners

In collaboration with our partners

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