Workshops for newbees

During the NewBees Traineeship, you follow various workshops. These workshops are based on what you encounter in practice, and on the experiences of our matchers who give the workshops. As a newbie you will follow the workshop in your own city, together with others who are also working on the NewBees Traineeship there.

Note: due to corona, the workshops are online for now.

During these workshops, you will receive all kinds of information, for example about the difference between volunteer work, internships and a trial placement. You will also learn important skills, such as presenting yourself in a complicated situation, or how your CV can improve even further. You share experiences, best practices and the network you have built up with fellow newbies. Have you run into a problem? Together we come up with practical solutions.

The workshops each have a different theme: volunteer work, the Dutch labor market, networking, and ‘what is your talent?’. In addition, we pay attention to subjects that are important to the participants at that time.

We have a special certificate presentation at the end of your NewBees Traineeship. It is a special moment. You, and fellow newbies, have successfully completed the Traineeship.

Your matcher tells you everything about when which workshop is interesting for you.

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