Annemiek Dresen speaks at mini-conference “Kansrijk”

Annemiek is one of the speakers at the ‘Kansrijk’ mini conference that takes place on September 9th in Utrecht. She will be interviewed by moderator Gatra Peshtaz. They will discuss, among other things, the way in which NewBees approaches impact measurement. The “live” event takes place in the Metal Cathedral in Utrecht. The plenary sessions can also be followed online via livestream.

Working together to increase our impact

The Kansrijk mini-conference focuses on strengthening social initiatives that are committed to an inclusive labor market. Because how do you build a sustainable, strong ecosystem around initiators, so that they can focus on their work with full energy and attention?

From finance to research to community and knowledge sharing, all these topics will be discussed during the mini conference. The goal is to create connections with social entrepreneurs, municipalities, researchers, youth workers in order to increase our impact together.

“By measuring and analyzing the impact of your work, you gain increasingly better insight into how you can best stimulate inclusion in the labor market”

The mini conference Kansrijk is organisaed by Platform Jongeren & Werk and Platform Nieuwkomers & Werk (OpenEmbassy), both are financed by the Goldschmeding Foundation.

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