Contribute to an environment in which everyone can get the best out of themselves

Dorien Marres is operational director at NewBees. Together with Annemiek Dresen, she is at the helm of the organization. But if you asked our matchers, they would describe Dorien as ‘my big sister’. The protector of our team, because no matter what, nothing should ever be at the expense of our people.

Contribute to an environment Dorien newly featured

“I try to contribute to an environment in which everyone can get the most out of themselves. That applies in our team, in our organization, but also in our society.”

At NewBees we work every day to create an inclusive society in which there is room for every talent. But if you really want that, you will have to change as a society.

“It cannot be the case that we organize everything in a certain way and if people join us, they just have to fit into that ‘pattern’. Because then, in my view, all kinds of beautiful things are lost that we had not thought of, since we have never come into contact with them. A missed opportunity for both sides.”

That is why half of our teams consist of ‘old Dutch people’ and half of ‘new Dutch people’. We are open to the new and additional perspectives that our newcomer colleagues bring us and we learn a lot from that as colleagues and as an organization. It increases the quality and success of our work.

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