Esmat is an electrician and would like to gain experience here in the Netherlands as well. To do this, he first has to learn the Dutch language.

Esmat (46) came to the Netherlands from Syria a year and a half ago. He lives in Arnhem South with his family. He follows the B1 learning route under the new Civic Integration Act .


Esmat: “In Syria I have had various jobs. I managed a supermarket, worked in agriculture, in trade and as an electrician. After my naturalization I hope to find work here as an electrician. I hear that there are a lot of job openings in the construction industry. That sounds like a good opportunity for me. But first I have to learn the Dutch language and reach a level that enables me to talk to employers and to clients. If I don’t succeed, I will look for a job in agriculture because language is less important in that sector. But for the time being I am focusing 100 percent on plan A.”

Language classes at NL Training and film education program at NewBees

“I take Dutch language lessons at NL Training twelve hours a week. It’s difficult but it’s going well. I also participate in the NewBees film education program. There I learn about Dutch society, I meet new people and I have the opportunity to speak Dutch with them. After the film, under the guidance of NewBees, we discuss the theme of the film. It’s nice and instructive.”

Dutch punctuality

“I believe that I should adapt to Dutch culture and society, not the other way around. For example always being right on time. I find this an efficient way to manage time. In Syria it is very common to be thirty minutes late for an appointment. If you are five minutes late for an appointment in the Netherlands, you have to explain why. I actually think that is much better, but I have to learn and get used to the Dutch punctuality.”

The chance for a safe future

“Five months ago I got a house with enough space for my large family. Before this I had a single apartment. My children had to stay in an asylum seekers’ centre. I have nine children, six of whom came to the Netherlands with me. The youngest is seven and my eldest son is twenty-one years old. He also wants to become an electrician. I don’t care what profession or study my children choose, as long as they are healthy and safe. I do hope that they will study. I would like to give them the chance for a safe future and a carefree life.”

Talent, tailor-made solutions, equality

NewBees offers (dual) integration and participation programs to municipalities, complete modules for both the B1-route and the Z-route. Our programs are tailor-made and consist of flexibly deployable building blocks: learning and experience modules that are integrally connected to each other, to the daily activities and the environment of the participants.

Our approach focuses on talent, tailor-made solutions, equality and connection with the local context in which the newcomer lives. We believe in a society where everyone is given the opportunity to utilize their talent. Regardless of where you come from.

Is your municipality busy with the implementation of the participation component in the Civic Integration Act? Or are you looking for participation tools for newcomers and non-native speakers in general? NewBees offers solutions. Check our our flexible building block method for participation.

You can find more information about our services for municipalities here on our website.

Picture: Mo Alzoabi

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