Good example inspires others to follow: Matcher as role model

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More than half of our team consists of newcomers. They know better than anyone what it is like to come here and have to start all over again. Our colleagues have jobs. Almost all of them are paid, some even a permanent position. If you as a newcomer are not there yet, it may seem unattainable. You might think ‘yeah, right’, until you meet someone like you and think ‘so it is possible’. A role model offers hope and motivation to persevere, however difficult it might be to get your life back on track all over again.

Learning from each other in workshops

An important part of the NewBees traineeship and the guidance by the matcher is intercultural workshops. The matchers develop and facilitate the workshops themselves because they know better than anyone what the participants want to learn about. They have a similar background to that of the participants, they speak each other’s language, literally and figuratively, and are good at establishing connections and learning from each other.

Newcomers follow these workshops in their own city, together with others who are also working on the NewBees traineeship there. The goal is to motivate, inform, inspire and guide. But above all to learn from each other, answer questions, share experiences and work on solutions.

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