Matcher Inge: “The impact our team in terms of the personal growth is huge”

Meet Inge. Our team coordinator in Zaanstad. Inge has been working at NewBees for a long time and has now formed her own team in Zaanstad to make matches that matter. She believes it is important to keep focus: “I always try to keep it simpel. Don’t get tempted in doing too many things.” So, full focus on work and matches. How? By listening to people.

That is also typical about the way she supports her team. She supports everyone differently, because what works for one person does not work for the other and vice versa. “What works best is if I make myself and all my time available to the team. I think along and help where necessary. I facilitate them.”

The impact we have on the personal growth of our team members is huge. Because, the growth they are experiencing is the growth that is of most value to them. “For example, someone joined our team who at first I didn’t know how to further her with her development. She seemed to have everything in order. Then it turned out that she wanted to build up a bit of self-esteem and work experience. Now she just steps into a school or shop to talk to the owner and then arranges a nice new workplace for a newcomer. That is very cool and very rewarding, not only for me and for her, but for everyone on the team.”

“Looking at people and listening to what they need is a piece of humanity that characterizes NewBees for me. But at the same time, NewBees is also very professional and driven with a clear mission and objective.”

Everything we do is based on equality

That means it is also important to know when you cannot help someone. To know when to stop. “Everything we do, we do based on equality. That means we don’t force anyone to do something they don’t want, but instead we motivate someone to take the first step. We make that first step easy and accessible. Our own diversity in the team helps enormously with that: someone can talk to you in your language and has a similar background. But if someone doesn’t want to be helped, we can’t help them. Fortunately, there are enough people who are very eager to get started, and we are happy to help them find a place that really suits them, so that they can move on to a paid job afterwards.”

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