Matcher Nagham: “I love dreams and going after them”

Meet Nagham. Nagham is our Matcher in Rotterdam and programmer of the NewBees online platform. She is originally from Raqa, Syria. After she arrived in the Netherlands, it soon became clear that she could not put her own expertise in agricultural engineering to work here. “My diploma did not survive the trip to the Netherlands.”

But you’re never too old to learn, so she decided to take a new path and start a new career. Through Hack Your Future, a coding school for refugees, she got the chance to learn coding language. That is how she ended up at NewBees. Initially as an intern in our IT team, and more recently as an official member of that team and as a matcher at our new location in Rotterdam.

What does she find the most beautiful thing about the Netherlands?

“That you can not only dream here, but also make them come true. I love dreams and go after them. So do you have a dream? Then you are already halfway.”

Cross the bridge yourself

“You can ask others to help realize that dream, but in the end you really have to do it yourself. You have to be motivated to achieve what you want. Because as my colleague Shatha also says: “Others can help you build the bridge, but you will have to cross it yourself.”

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