Meet the new board of NewBees: Theo Oudelaar, board secretary.


Theo Oudelaar, board secretary, is a partner at BusinessBuilding. Theo has years of experience as a commercial director and as a marketing and sales specialist at leading companies in the Netherlands and abroad.

What motivated you to join the NewBees board?

Theo: “I participated in the start-up of NewBees INC., NewBees’ new label, which develops Diversity & Inclusion programs for employers. In my work I come across many companies that are looking for their “why”. NewBees is one and all ‘purpose’. Everyone is so motivated and passionate, that touches me. During a conversation with the management, I indicated that I would like to stay longer involved with NewBees. Companies need diverse talent and people need to be able to work in a safe way. I like to use my knowledge and expertise for that.”

“I am happy to use my expertise to help NewBees realize its growth ambitions.”

What is your role and responsibility?

Theo: “My experience mainly lies in the organizational and business components of organisations. As a marketing and commercial specialist, I help companies develop clear strategies and efficient processes to achieve higher returns and better commercial results. I am happy to use my expertise to help NewBees realize its growth ambitions.”

From growth phase to next level: How do you view NewBees’ future?

Theo: “I expect that more municipalities will use NewBees services and that the number of participants in NewBees participation activities will grow significantly. My goal is that we continue to deliver the quality we stand for. I also see interesting opportunities for interaction between NewBees and NewBees INC. People who complete Participation and Civic Integration Programs will work for organizations where they should feel at home and safe. That is where NewBees INC. can play a role by guiding and advising employers in this.”

Oversee and monitor NewBees’ mission

NewBees is a social enterprise. This means that while remaining a healthy and sustainable company, making an impact is always our top priority. To guarantee this, there is an independent advisory body that monitors NewBees’ management on the social mission and its implementation: the board of the ‘NewBees Foundation’, priority shareholder of ‘NewBees Inclusion Solutions B.V.’ that carries out all activities of NewBees.

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