Minister of Social Affairs and Employment Karien van Gennip visits NewBees in Arnhem

On November 7 2022, Bastiaan Kuijt, NewBees’ coordinator of team Region Gelderland-Central, received together with Alderman Paul Smeulders of the municipality of Arnhem, Karien van Gennip, the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment.

From left to right: Aaida Kabriyaa (Advisor Social Domain and Civic Integration Municipality of Arnhem), Karien van Gennip (Minister of Social Affairs and Employment), Paul Smeulders (Alderman in Arnhem), Bastiaan Kuijt (Coordinator NewBees Gelderland-Central)

Participate as quickly as possible

The minister spoke with an integration director from the municipality of Arnhem who explained what the journey of the integrator looks like. She also talked to NewBees, partner of the municipality of Arnhem, which provides participation processes in civic integration. The minister also spoke with several newcomers who explained how they experience the integration process. What goes well? And what are the bottlenecks?

In Arnhem, newcomers immediately take language lessons. Everything to participate as quickly as possible in our society.

Paul Smeulders, Alderman in Arnhem

Film education

During her visit, the minister discussed the Civic Integration Act and the participation that NewBees organizes in the Municipality of Arnhem. She also took part in a workshop from the film education program that is one of the participation modules provided by NewBees. The workshop was given by NewBees colleaguesSamara Alsaleh  and Mahmoud Abdurahman and was about working in the Netherlands and what this entails.

film education

The film education program is one of the activities that NewBees has developed that helps integrators to increase their practical knowledge and their self-confidence from day one. Participants jointly follow a weekly workshop based on a film screening with assignments at different language and self-reliance levels.

The minister in conversation with NewBees colleague Mahmoud, a newcomer, the alderman and integration directors of the Municipality of Arnhem

Mahmoud in conversation with Karin van Gennip

During the discussions, the minister asked what could be improved and what the Dutch government could do. She saw for herself how eagerly newcomers want to participate in society and how important it is for them to be able to participate as soon as possible.

“It is important for newcomers to be able to participate as quickly as possible and feel at home in their new city .”

Bastiaan Kuijt, coordinator NewBees Gelderland-Central

    At the end of the afternoon everyone enjoyed a drink and a delicious snack prepared by
    Seta Melakoin.

    Talent, tailor-made solutions, equality

    The new Civic Integration Act, which came into force on 1 January 2022, gives municipalities a coordinating role in civic integration and makes them responsible for its implementation. As expert in participation, NewBees offers participation programs and modules for integration to several municipalities.

    We offer complete modules for both the B1 and Z-routes. Our programs are tailor-made and consist of flexibly deployable building blocks: Learning and experience modules that are integrally connected to each other, to language lessons, and to the participants’ environment.

    Talent, customization and equality are central to our approach. We believe in a society where everyone is given the opportunity to utilize their talent. No matter where you come from.

    You can find more information about our services for municipalities here on our website

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