NewBees has the Blik op Werk quality mark

At the beginning of this year, the ‘Blik op Werk’ quality mark was awarded to NewBees. The quality mark shows that we meet a high quality standard, and we are proud of that.

Independent Quality Institute

het keurmerk Blik op Werk featured

Blik op Werk is an independent Quality Institute that points the way towards qualified service providers, proven methods and knowledge about sustainable labor participation and integration. Their mission is that all residents in the Netherlands have a fair chance at work and to promote and guarantee the quality of the services offered for this purpose.

NewBees unique method

NewBees NewBees prepares newcomers, refugees, for a job: at a place in our society. We use a unique method in which we combine personal guidance with practical experience gained through traineeships, voluntary work, internships or paid positions. Our approach is a unique combination of personal guidance and practical experience, based on customisation.

Win for everyone

We match newcomers with traineeships at local businesses and organisations, where talent and equality are central. This creates profit for everyone: for newcomers, participating organisations, municipalities and for society as a whole.

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