NewBees introduces NewBees INC.

At last innovation in tools to build an inclusive workplace. This week, NewBees launches its new Diversity,Equity and Inclusion services for employers: NewBees INC. We chose Diversity Day* (Oct 4, ed.) to present to our peers the practical solutions we have developed.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is moving higher up the agenda of Dutch employers. ‘De Inclusie Marathon’, by Kauthar Bouchallikht and Zoë Papaikonomou, became management book of the year. It is therefore not surprising that new services are emerging to assist employers with Inclusion. But what makes NewBees INC. unique?


“NewBees INC. provides essentially a peer-to-peer service. We know that information doesn’t stick well if you don’t need it or use it immediately in your work. And that workshops take up a lot of time for employees. That is why we offer practical solutions that take little time and are integrated into existing work processes and communication channels.”

Valerie van Lanschot, General Manager at NewBees INC.

Scientific models combined with personal experience as an inclusive employer

That doesn’t mean there’s no theory involved. NewBees INC. bases its services on proven academic research on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We combine scientific models with our own experience as an inclusive employer:

“We really make it super practical and fun, for example by using Virtual Reality, and make sure that people at all levels in the organization can participate.”

Industry experts are positive about NewBees INC’s new services. “This is really innovative” says Kate Kirk, Program Lead for Diversity & Inclusion at Leiden University, “and in my opinion unique”.

HR Day 2022

On October 4th 2022, you will find NewBees INC. at the HR Day 2022 in the WTC in Rotterdam. During the week various employers will use NewBees INC.’s tools in order to shape their Diversity Day.

Would you like to know more about NewBees INC’s unique approach? Or would you like to make an appointment without any obligation? Visit or send a message to

*Diversity Day is an initiative by Diversity in Business, part of the SER. For more information see

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