Newcomers with an Arab and LBHT background

How do you deal with people on the labor market who have both an Arab and an LGBT background? There are an awful lot of them among newcomers. For example, we recently had a newbee who was transgender and homosexual. Originally a lawyer and wanted to build her new life here.

When we met her she was shy and closed. At the end of the process we were together facilitating a workshop, where she told her story in the middle of the stage. “I was so proud to see her like this. It touched me very deeply.” Later she said to her matcher:

“You do everything for me. You support me and give me the strength to let myself and others accept me as I am.”

And this is why it matters. We would like to share that on the day when the canals would otherwise be filled with people who celebrate that they can be who they are and love who they want to love.

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