Sustainable impact in 2022 and beyond

As an organization, we are proud of what we achieved last year. Proud of the impact we had on Fadwa, Mahmoud, Mahdi, organizations like Brood & Spelen, and many other people, employers and neighborhoods. In 2022, NewBees will continue to work on good integration and civic integration, for and by newcomers. In addition, we build on our practical experience to guide employers in shaping an inclusive workplace.


Annemiek: “In 2021 we have invested in our product, in our people and in the relationship with key partners such as NLtraining, with whom we offer dual integration programs, in order to create even more impact in the future. NewBees continues to work at building an inclusive world, where there is room for everyone, for every talent. That starts for us with an inclusive workplace. We therefore facilitate newcomers with their integration on the labor market, by offering our traineeship. We help municipalities withcivic integration programs , so that new residents immediately participate in the neighborhood, positively and practically since they start practicing the language from day one.
We guide employers in building an inclusive workplace, where everyone can be themselves and contribute optimally.”

As an inclusive employer, we set a good example

“Of course we want to set a good example as an inclusive employer, by offering practical solutions forintegration, civic integration and inclusion, and by providing insight into the impact we make. Half of our colleagues have a refugee history; because only when our target group shapes the core of our services can we offer real quality. In the coming years, we will continue to build towards an inclusive world, starting with an inclusive Netherlands. We offer practical solutions and have systemic impact; too many institutions and employers are still inaccessible to large groups of people and we are changing that. Because at NewBees we believe that an inclusive world is a more successful and more beautiful world.”

In the coming years, we will continue to build towards an inclusive world, starting with an inclusive Netherlands.

Our goals in 2022

“In 2022, we have once again shaped our goals in line with the three strategic pillars that NewBees has built on for years: focus on people (people), high-quality services (product), and a good relationship with our partners (partners).”

NewBees: Civic Integration

  • People: at least half of our employees in 2022 have a refugee history. They indicate that they enjoy working at NewBees.
  • Product: participants indicated that they benefited from our building blocks, both from the combination of these building blocks within the civic integration programmes that where co-designed with NLtraining and from the separate building block ‘traineeship’. They rate our programmes with a 7 or higher.
  • Partners: our partners are content about the cooperation with NewBees. Partners in implementation, such as NLtraining, and other designers of our building blocks, such as the municipalities NewBees works for, indicate that they would recommend NewBees as a partner to others.

NewBees INC.: Inclusion & Diversity for employers

  • People: NewBees INC. works with a range of diverse trainers who help shape its services to employers. At least 50% of them have first-hand experience in the field of diversity.
  • Product: NewBees INC. offers innovative products in the field of Diversity & Inclusion that support employers on a daily basis in shaping and implementing their policies in order to create an inclusive workplace.
  • Partners: customers rate the services of NewBees INC. with at least a 7. They recommend that other employers also work with NewBees Inc.

For the second year in a row, we publish our results in an annual report based on our impact measurement. In addition, you can read a number of stories from employees, employers and participants that show what that impact looks like for our stakeholders. You find Here our integrated financial report 2021.

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