The experience of the municipality of Amsterdam

Our newbee’s story begins in Iran, where he worked for 30 years as a truck and bus driver. At the age of 56, he came to the Netherlands, where he came to the AZC under the supervision of the municipality of Amsterdam. “He is a very cheerful man who, despite his age, is still very motivated to learn a lot,” says his supervisor at the municipality of Amsterdam.

De ervaring van de gemeente Amsterdam nieuw featured

In the AZC he came into contact with NewBees for a learn-work process. He liked that so much that he wanted to get back to work via NewBees. That is why his supervisor contacted us. Our matcher did an intake with him again and guided him for a while. “I was always kept well informed and was regularly updated on the steps that were taken and where he would be presented. This way, a lot of guidance was taken off my hands. Of course, you hope for that. That you place someone somewhere and that the guidance is taken over from that place. That goes very well at NewBees.”

“A piece of guidance was taken off our hands and of course that is what you hope for.”

A nice place was found for him at a playground. “I only get good messages from him about how much he likes it and how well NewBees has helped him. He is really in the right place. In addition, his Dutch has also improved rapidly. Where he used to let someone else call if he wanted to pass on something, he now sends whole stories via WhatsApp.”

“He feels like a valuable addition to society, and that’s what it’s all about.”

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