The first step out of social insurance is the most difficult

De eerste stap uit de uitkering is het moeilijkste featured

During a workshop, a fear that lives among many newcomers is discussed in detail. Namely the first step out of social insurance ‘de uitkering’. That turns out to be the most difficult. The difference with the minimum wage is, in fact, negligible, while the risks do increase. In addition, the social system already appears to be a maze for Dutch people, let alone for people who still learning the language.

It is not about now, but where you will be in 5 years

I see our matcher standing in front of the group while he listens carefully and understandingly to what is being said. After everyone has been able to share his concerns, he thinks calmly and says: “It’s not about now, it’s where you will be in 5 years. It’s about the future. Those who have taken the step have grown in more than just income, and those who have not have stood still.” I look around and see a number of them nod in agreement. Then a participant breaks the silence:

“You actually have a point here…”

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