The impact of NewBees on our stakeholders

NewBees makes more and more impactful matches, but how exactly does this translate into numbers? To provide more insight into this, NewBees collaborated with the Impact Institute: an organisation that helps NGOs, among others, to quantify the impact they make.

Impact NewBees bij stakeholders featured

Do you know that making matches creates greater impact than expected? Rita Noordzij, Alderman for Civic Integration and the Municipality of Zaanstad, says that everyone who comes in contact with NewBees immediately experiences a positive impact:

not only newcomers, but also municipalities, companies and the society also experience the positive consequences of our work.

The impact reports

Measuring impact is very important to NewBees. It is also part of our core method of Meet, Match, Measure and Matter. To measure and make our impact visible, we collaborated with the Impact Institute.

The two reports can be read below.

Do you want to know more about the impact we make? On the page Impact Meten we tell you all about it.

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