‘The need for information among newcomers is enormous’

In an article from the ‘Coronakronieken’ series published in the Financieel Dagblad, Annemiek Dresen, founder and director of NewBees, talks about the impact of corona on newcomers.

“In order to integrate, you have to go out,” Annemiek tells journalist Rob de Lange, “and that’s not possible right now. That is why we bring newcomers into contact with employers online. In fact, it is the digital continuation of the work that NewBees normally does physically, namely matching newcomers to traineeships at local enterprises based on their talents.”

Newcomers, like everyone else, have a hard time in times of corona. People are at home and have a great need for information. Fortunately, half of our team itself consists of newcomers. So we can communicate with many people in their own language.

“These times bring us closer together. For example, we see that people are developing their digital skills or get to know their neighbours much better.

Read the whole article here. (in Dutch)

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