The NewBees MDT traineeship helps Maher use his time effectively, making the long wait more bearable.

Maher came to the Netherlands from Aleppo (Syria) eight months ago. Since September 1, 2022, he has been living on a ship, in the port of Arnhem. There he waits for his family he has not seen for almost two years. He waits for his residence permit, waits for a home in Tiel and waits for the right to work. He is very happy with NewBees’ MDT traineeship, through which he participates once a week in educational, useful and fun participation activities together with other young newcomers.

Maher: “There is nothing to do on the ship. When Samara (red. matcher at NewBees) gave a presentation on the boat and invited us to participate in NewBees activities, I didn’t hesitate: I signed up right away.”

The MDT Traineeship* for young newcomers starts with an intake

“I have been taking part in the MDT traineeship for two months now. I had an intake interview with Wies (ed. matcher at NewBees). I participated in a number of film education sessions and had a networking conversation with a colleague in the neighbourhood. During the NewBees intake we spoke English. Wies gave me information about NewBees and I told her about my studies, my profession, talents and work experience. I shared my worries, wishes and ambitions. I liked the setting and the card game. We spoke almost as if we were two old acquaintances, equal and with genuine and mutual interest.”

*The MDT traineeship is part of Social Service Time, a program specifically for young newcomers. NewBees offers them a traineeship to further develop their talents, expand their network and get to know the Dutch labor market and culture. Participants participate in the so-called participation building blocks of NewBees, such as an intake interview, neighborhood safaris, film education, volunteer work/internship and conducting network discussions.

Use talent in the Netherlands. Practical support from NewBees

“I studied psychology in Syria. I worked as a basic counselor, among others, for the Syrian Red Cross. In the Netherlands I would like to continue working in my field. Wies organised a networking meeting with a professional from my field who provided me information about my profession in the Netherlands. I want to know as much as possible and understand how the system works here. NewBees also helps me with practical matters such as my diploma evaluation. I might study for an extra year, or do an internship or work-study program. That would be ideal! Of course I also have to learn the Dutch language. A lot depends on the language: it is necessary to communicate with the municipality, to find a job and ultimately to be able to practice my job.”

Film Education, Networking and Volunteering

“During the NewBees film education program, I have the opportunity to speak Dutch and learn about Dutch culture and society. The vocabulary used in the film is sent to me a few days in advance so that I can study it in advance, and so better understand the movies and participate actively in the discussions afterwards. That works really well and tastes like more! Once a week is not enough. I would like to participate in more activities and if possible do volunteer work to practice the language, meet people, be active and spend my time in a useful way.”

More information about the MDT traineeship can be found here.

Photo: Mo Alzoabi

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