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NewBees guides and supports newcomers to quickly participate and find their place in society

NewBees offers tailor-made support for each individual newcomer, adapted to their personal needs, talents and capabilities.

NewBees also supports newcomers in what they are legally obliged to do.

Each newcomer receives a personal learning plan and an individual supervisor.

The personal learning plan consists of a tailor-made mix of different building blocks. The participation process can be long or short: from a few hours in a few months to hundreds of hours over several years.

NewBees supports different types of newcomers:

Civic integration

Do you have to integrate and do you do that at NLTraining and NewBees?

We offer integration and participation programs in various regions and municipalities throughout the Netherlands.

Look here for the locations where NewBees teams are active. Read more about the program we offer here.

Young newcomers between 18 and 27 years old

For young newcomers who would like to further develop their talent, expand their network and learn specific skills to understand the Dutch labor market, NewBees offers the MDT traineeship.

Suitable for all newcomers, regardless of when the residence permit was issued and the integration phase.

Integration under the old Law & newcomers who do not integrate.

Our participation programs are suitable for all newcomers, regardless of when you receive your residence status.

Within special projects, NewBees supports newcomers who want to work in healthcare, IT or the hospitality industry. Check our project page for more information.

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