In addition to our NewBees Traineeship, our civic integration and participation programs for municipalities, and NewBees INC. DEI advice for organisations, we are working on various projects. All have as goal an inclusive society.


MDT is part of the Social Service and prepares young newcomers, young refugees, for a place in our society. We match them with a traineeship at a local social organization, where their talent comes into its own.

During the traineeship, the participants attend a number of workshops, receive intensive guidance and meet people from different backgrounds in their area. Personal development, equality and talent are central. After the traineeship, MDT provides follow-up in the form of a nice certificate and guidance to the next step.

Participate immediately,
without Civic Integration

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, millions of people have fled and more than 70,000 people have come to the Netherlands.

The aim of this project is to guide a certain number of people with a diverse profile into employment. NewBees teams match them according to the steps of theNewBees traineeship.

During this process, we collect information about our research questions. What works and what doesn’t? What are the employment/participation needs? What can NewBees do for this target group? What can we learn from newcomers who participate without integration?

In addition to our national projects, we also develop local projects, such as Project 8 in Amsterdam and Haarlemmermeer.

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