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On February 24, 2022, Russian troops invaded Ukraine. Since then, Russia has carried out attacks in areas where many civilians live. Millions of people have fled the country and more than 70,000 people have come to the Netherlands.

Combined knowledge and expertise for this group NewBees and OpenEmbassy want to use their expertise and experience to tackle the tasks surrounding these ‘new arrivals’ and their access to Dutch society and to capitalize on the opportunity that arises now that an asylum procedure does not cause any delay.

We use our existing and proven tools for people who have fled because of the war in Ukraine. Both NewBees and OpenEmbassy have recruited employees from Ukraine for this purpose. We identify the concrete needs and adapt our methods and instruments as we go along.

The aim of the project is to guide a certain number of people with a diverse profile in terms of age/education level/family situation/gender into employment. NewBees teams will match them using our proven traineeship method.

During this process, we collect information based on our research questions.

              • What works and what doesn’t?
              • What are the work/participation needs?
              • What can NewBees do for this target group?
              • What do we learn from newcomers who participate without integration?
              • Locations: The project is available in Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Zaanstad.


1. Matching Ukrainian newcomers in (voluntary) work (participatory research)
  • Guiding a number of people with a diverse profile in terms of age/education level/family situation/gender.
  • Our teams match them according to the NewBees traineeship method: intake, job search, match, guidance at the workplace. As part of the traineeship, the participants attend workshops and participate in network conversations.
  • During this process we collect information. What works and what doesn’t?
2. Organize in-depth interviews and focus groups

By means of 1 on 1 conversations we hope to gain insight into the individual needs about participating/working in the Netherlands

With the focus groups we want to understand what the needs of different groups are, what differs between the groups? We also want to create a discussion around certain topics in order to show opinions and differences.

3. Social Media – research

We look for online communities and pages with information to collect knowledge and insights, and possibly participants. Social media analysis.


Are you new to the Netherlands and coming from Ukraine? Then you probably have many questions about living and working in the Netherlands.In this flyer you will find useful links and information.

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