ProSocial Traineeship

During the ProSocial traineeship, young newcomers get to work with their future by following a traineeship at a local social organization that suits them. For a period of three months, the pros will work between 7 and 10 hours a week.

During the traineeship, the pros receive one-on-one coaching and training in talent development. Afterward, the young newcomers have a better idea of ​​their talent and ambitions, they receive a nice certificate and they are guided to the next step.

The ProSocial traineeship is for newcomers between the ages of 17 and 27, who would like to further develop their talent, expand their network and learn about the labor market they will enter.

The ProSocial traineeship is offered in nine regions across the Netherlands: Amsterdam (including Amstelveen / Aalsmeer), Rijnmond, Zaanstreek, Utrecht, Gooi and Vechtstreek, Arnhem / Nijmegen, Southwest Gelderland, Leeuwarden region, and Southwest Friesland.

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